Measure W3C navigation timings with RSelenium


RSelenium is a neat R package, that enables synthetic performance measurements right inside R. For an R enthusiast, like me, this is great!

First, we open a connection:


Now we have a Chrome browser ready to measure performance of a page. Next, we open a…

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Star Trek - Paragon Cardmodels
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Simplifying Django - Programming - O'Reilly Media

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How to Analyze Performance Issues in Your Windows and Windows Phone Apps (Channel 9)

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Express 4

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Upcoming Btrfs Features for Linux Containers |

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Move fast and don’t break things! Testing with Jenkins, Ansible and Docker


One of our highest priorities at is to never break production. Our users depend on it to manage and monitor their servers and we depend on them. At the same time, we need to move fast with development and deliver updates as soon as possible. We want to be able to easily deploy several…

Real-Time Data Streaming Gets Standardized

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Game Programming Patterns
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Apple opens OS X betas to the public

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